Trailer Stage Hire

Mobile Trailer Stage 6x10m (60m2)

Our Mobile Stage is a towable trailer stage made as one complete unit what can be built easily and quickly within 2 hours.

The usable stage area is 10m (32ft) wide by 6m (19ft) deep and the raised overall height of 6m (19ft) is from the ground.

The stage requires a minimum of 2.75m (9ft) entrance/gate width and entrance-way roof height of 3.75m (12ft) to enter a site.

Our outdoor stage hire is ideal for outdoor events of all kind of events such as:

  • Festival Stage hire
  • Roadshows
    • Town Centre Events
  • Music Festivals
    • Christmas Lights Switch-On Events
    • Outdoor concerts
    • Opening Ceremonies
    • Promotional Tours
  • Product launches


Dt Scena Duza
The stage roof is made of aluminum truss type lattice and has a rugged flame retardant PVC cover and can be used to hang standard lighting clamps, backdrops, sponsors banners etc. Maximum roof loading is 900Kg. The roof rises on two hydraulic rams a meter higher than the folded height. There are 4 quad truss corners which additionally support the roof, and these can be used to hang stage lights, or banners.

Stage Floor

The trailer stage floor is 10m x 6m (60m2) and is made of non-slip ply. Handrails to the rear and sides are standard.

P.A. Wings (Sound Platform)

Scena Duza
To make the stage space itself as large and clear as possible the P.A. System speakers can be placed on the side. An area of 2m (6ft) wide and 0.8m (2ft) deep is available on each side of the stage.
Access Steps:
These are one set of the of these, made of non-slip aluminum and with safety handrails both sides.

Branding Banners

Advertising and sponsors banners can be added to the PA wings. These can be printed by us in house of the client provided the art work

Lighting and Sound

We can offer Stage lighting including theatrical lighting with par cans, moving heads and LED lighting effects Packages can available to your client’s requirements.