Mobile Stage Hire

 Temporary Staging Rental 8m x 7m (56m2)

Our trailer mounted Mobile Stage Hire unit is available for rental. When planning an outdoor event, you may require a stage to hire. One of the consideration is the time required to plan and assemble the stage. Our mobile stage service is setup and ready to use in less than one hour. We use the German Engineered stage unit manufactured by Europodium the market leaders in temporary staging.


Type of events the stage is perfect for

Mobile Stage Hire

  • Radio Stations
  • Concerts
  • Road Shows
  • Discos
  • Bands
  • Product Launches
  • Sports Events
  • Productions
  • Drama and Performing Arts
  • Team Building Events and Training Days
  • Christmas Light Switch-onsMobile_2
  • Fireworks Displays
  • Hospitality
  • Television
  • Broadcasting
  • Holiday Parks
  • Marketing.

Stage Roof

The roof section lifts with the help of 2 hydraulic rams to a height of 4m (13ft) and the stage floor folds out by the way of electric winches. The stage roof can support the weight of over 1500kg which will take most the modern lighting rigs. The stage roof is fully water proof with a wind resistant’s of up to 65mph.

Stage FloorMobile_3

The overall stage floor area is 8m (26ft) wide by 7m (22ft) deep. Hand rails and entrance steps are standard with hire. The floor is 1.5m (4ft) high off the ground. The surface can take over 5000kg so more than enough for any large band or big PA stack. The floor I non-slip ply.

PA Wings for Mobile Stage

We provide PA wings as part of the stage setup. These can be used for advertising and stands a 4m high and 2m wide.

Branding Banners

Sponsors and advertising banners and be supplied by us to be hung from the back of the stage, PA Wings or around the base of the stage. We offer a in house printing service.Mobile_4

Lighting and Sound

We can supply all kinds of moving head, dramatic and theatrical lighting. PA Systems such as

3000-watt compact front of house system for up to 350 seats

5000-watt compact concert front of house system for up to 1000 seats

15000-watt concert front of house system for up to 5000 seats


Looking For High Quality Mobile Staging?

If you are looking for quality mobile staging for your event, please visit our contact page. We are sure to have a mobile staging package that will meet your event requirements perfectly