Drape Hire-Rental

From Stage curtain hire, Event drape hire, Theater drapes, Stage backdrops Hire and installation, Hi5 events specialize in fabric and drape hire company for all venue drapes, venue draping and drape fabric.

Drape hire

Working across a vast array of projects, from complex high impact installations in large temporary structures and arena’s, to intricate work with the industry’s leading designers and art directors. Be it live events or Broadcasting we have the experience to work with you at every stage of the production process.

Event Drape Hire

Our Curtain Call Pipe and Drape system comprises of various height adjustable, telescopic upright sections and 2 telescopic adjustable width sections, along with base plates, enabling the easy creation of fully variable partitions, dividers and changing rooms within any space. It is quick, easy and safe to use

Drape 2

Event drape are idea for a range of applications such as

  • Event Theming
  • Launch Events
  • Venue Dressing
  • Branded Events
  • Breakout rooms in larger venues
  • Partition space
  • Hiding walls in the venue
  • Theming of an event space
Event Lighting

We can also offer lighting packages

  • LED Uplighters
  • Star cloth Hire
  • Pin spots
  • Gobo’s
  • Festoon Lighting Hire
  • Fairy Lights & Fairy Light Curtains
  • Flood Lighting

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Drape Hire, Venue Drapes, Back drops, Curtains and Custom Fabrics for any event.